Tea Board Registration

Tea is one of the industries, which by an Act of Parliament comes under the control of the Union Govt. The genesis of the Tea Board India dates back to 1903 when the Indian Tea Cess Bill was passed. The Bill provided for levying a cess on tea exports – the proceeds of which were to be used for the promotion of Indian tea both within and outside India. The present Tea Board set up under section 4 of the Tea Act 1953 was constituted on 1st April 1954.

The board headquarter is in Kolkata which works to promote tea production, quality and export worldwide with the objective of making India as a leading producer and exporter around the globe.

Products under Tea Board India

There are four tea types that are covered under this board for which exporter require RCMC are: –

  • Bulk Tea
  • Packet Tea
  • Tea Bags
  • Instant Tea

The Entities liable to registerd with Tea Board India

  • Tea Waste License
  • Broker in Tea Auction
  • Distributor License
  • Buyer Registration
  • Exporter License
  • Flavour Registration
  • Garden Registration
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate of Manufacturing Unit
  • Mini Tea Factory
  • NOC for Construction of Manufacturing Unit
  • Organizers of Tea Auction
  • Tea Testing Laboratories

Required Documents for Tea Board Registration

Different documents are required for different services. Hence the common one is listed below: –

  • Aadhar Card and PAN Card of Authorised Person
  • PAN Card of the Company
  • GST Certificate
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • List of Director and Managing Committee
  • Layout Plan
  • Trade Licence
  • Income Tax Certificate

Tea Warehouse License

  • Change of Ownership of Garden Registration
  • Change of Ownership of Tea Factory License
  • Permanent Exporter License
  • Broker in Tea Auction(Renewal)
  • Exporter License (Renewal)
  • Organizers of Tea Auction(Renewal)
  • Tea Testing Laboratories(Renewal)
  • RCMC(Renewal)
  • Tea Warehouse License(Renewal)
  • Tea Waste License(Renewal)

Registration as a Manufacturer of tea with added Flavour

In accordance with the Notification GSR 694(E) dated 11.10.99 regarding Flavoured Tea, no person shall carry on the activities of manufacturing tea with added flavour except under a valid registration obtained from the Tea Board as bonafide manufacturer of flavoured tea, as per the said order in respect of each factory owned or controlled by him.

  • The following are the guidelines for submission of the application(s) for registration in respect of each factory owned or controlled by you :-
  • Application form (in duplicate) duly filled in should be signed by the Proprietor of the business or in the case of Partnership Firm by one of the authorized partners, or in case of business of Hindu undivided family, by the Karta of the family, or in the case of a company, by one of the Directors, Managing Agent or Principal Officer thereof, or in case of any other Association of individuals, by the Principal Officer managing the business.
  • A copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association duly certified by one of the Directors in case the applicant is a company.
  • A clean photocopy of certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies in respect of company.
  • Court/Notary certified Deed of Partnership in case the applicant is a partnership firm.
  • A clean photocopy of certificate of registration issued by the Registrar Firms in case the applicant is a registered partnership firm.
  • Latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate or the declaration about payment of Income Tax together with permanent A/c No. allotted to the applicant by the Income Tax Department.
  • Name and addresses of the persons presently holding the offices of Directors in case of applicant is a company.
  • In case of sole-proprietor unit a declaration to the effect that the applicant is the sole proprietor (in stamped paper duly notarized).
  • A clean photocopy of valid Central Excise Licence duly attested by the proprietor/Director under which the factory unit is manufacturing tea with added flavour.
  • A clean photocopy (duly attested) of valid factory licence if the unit comes within the purview of the Factories Act.
  • A clean photocopy (duly attested) of the Registration Certificate issued by the PFA Authorities.
  • At the time of application for registration as flavoured tea manufacturer, the details of methodology for estimation of flavours in tea shall be submitted to Tea Board. Methodology for estimation of each flavour may be indicated separately.
  • At the time of application for registration as flavoured tea manufacturer, a test report on tea (on PFA / FSSI parameters), used for manufacturing flavoured tea, from a Tea Board enlisted NABL accredited laboratory has to be submitted along with the application.
  • One (01) Sample Packet (125 gms Nett each) of each of the proposed tea with flavour to be manufactured shall be submitted to Tea Board, along with the application.
  • An applicant is to apply for and obtain Registration separately for each factory owned or controlled by him, but he may submit only one set of documents regarding the ownership status of his establishment when applies for registration of number of units owned by him.
  • Please note that the exporters who hold a valid Tea Exporter’s Licence from Tea Board need not submit the documents referred to from (b) to (h). They may, however, submit application along with documents referred to from (i) to (l). In case of domestic seller, application along with all documents from (b) to (m) shall be submitted.
  • Please ensure that submission of your application(s) in such a manner as to reach this office along with required documents/information as mentioned above, as early as possible to enable Tea Board to issue registration certificate in respect of tea with added flavour.
  • The methodology applied by the manufacturers will be tried in Central Food Laboratory for verification


Qus:-When will Applicant receive SMS and E-mail?

Applicant receive SMS & E-mail at each and every step that has been listed below:-

  • After Sign up
    • After submission of application
    • If clarification is sought by TBI officials
    • After document scrutinization is completed and application is processed further
    • In case of Inspection
    • In accepted for License generation
    • Once the license is generated

Qus:-Where Applicant gets application reference number?

Application reference number is available in the receipt generated after application submission or on the online FORM submitted.

Qus:-How to check the Status of application?

The current application status of the application can be tracked from the field ‘Track Application Status’ by entering the reference number.

Qus:-How to apply for renewal of a license?

Applicant would have to login into the eGiCCS system via its login credentials as used to take the original license and select apply for renewal under the head Renewal to process the application for renewal.

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