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Bihar Records of Rights

Bihar Records of Rights

The Bihar Records of Rights is a record of land ownership and history that is kept by the Revenue Department of the State Government. This document is important in determining the legal status of a property. Each village has its own register, which has been digitized by the Bihar Government and is accessible online for property owners. This article explains the process for obtaining a certified copy of the Bihar Records of Rights through the official website.

The Bihar Records of Rights are highly significant.

The significance of acquiring an authorized copy of Bihar documents outlining land ownership and usage is being explained.

  • The Bihar land revenue record (ROR) provides confirmation of the true proprietor of a piece of land.
  • The land record known as ROR can be advantageous in identifying any fraudulent assertions made regarding ownership of land.
  • Using an authorized copy of a revenue record extraction prevents the illegal seizure of land.
  • The revenue record of Bihar can be utilized as evidence in legal disputes concerning land or property.
  • The Bihar records of rights can assist the owner in preventing any legal difficulties in the future.
  • The Bihar Records of Rights have various applications or uses. They are used as evidence of ownership or possession of property, in the settlement of disputes related to land, and for providing loans or credit to farmers. They are also used for revenue collection, updating land records, and for various government schemes related to agriculture and rural development. In addition, these records serve as an important tool for land acquisition and implementation of infrastructure projects.
  • The following list outlines several important reasons for the existence of Bihar Records of Rights (ROR):
  • ROR is employed in Bihar to verify the possession of a hereditary property or any other type of land.
  • Information about land type and the range of activities taking place on it can be obtained by utilizing extracts from ROR.
  • The Bihar ROR (revenue record) is an important record that provides information about the agricultural aspect of a piece of land and the surrounding areas.
  • When a land sale transaction, also known as mutation, takes place, the Registrar’s office demands the submission of ROR, which is the land records.
  • To obtain a loan from a bank for farming purposes, it is necessary to provide the Bihar Record of Rights document.
  • To resolve any civil disputes, the court may require evidence of property ownership. To fulfill this requirement, a copy of the Record of Rights (ROR) can be presented as proof of land ownership.
  • When purchasing land in Bihar, it is important to verify the seller’s property card and confirm their ownership of the land.
  • When purchasing a flat, the purchaser must confirm the ownership of the land (as indicated in the Record of Rights) on which the flat has been built.

The qualities or characteristics listed in the Bihar Records of Rights.

The Bihar Records of Rights (ROR extract) provides specific information about a piece of land or property.

  •  Changes in ownership 
  • The scope and restrictions of the proprietor’s entitlements and terms.
  •  Mutation numbers 
  • The type of irrigation can be categorized as either Irrigated or Rainfed.
  • The category of earth (intended for farming or not intended for farming)
  •  Survey number of the land 
  • The portion of the world that is suitable for farming.
  • Information regarding the fees for seizing property or issuing court orders based on the directives of the civil court or revenue officials.
  • If any parts of ongoing legal disputes are involved
  • Information about the landowner and the category of each plot are recorded in the Dag Chitha document.
  • Information about loans that are awaiting approval for the purpose of purchasing items such as seeds, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  • Details regarding the varieties of plants that were sown during the most recent period of farming activities.
  • Different elements of taxes that are either settled or unsettled.
  • Information about the loan acquired by the proprietor.

 Eligibility Criteria 

If ownership of the land is clear and it is not government-owned or assigned land, the Bihar records of rights will be given as a certified copy.

Online procedure for obtaining Bihar Records of Rights is available.

The process of acquiring a Bihar Records of Rights (ROR) will be explained in great detail below.

 Step 1: organization’s website to submit the application for the job opening.The Government of Bihar manages the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms.

 Step 2: On this page, you must click on the “View Your Account” option. This will take you to a new page.

Image 1 Bihar Records of Rights Image 1 Bihar Records of Rights
Image 1 Bihar Records of Rights

 Step 3: You can display the digital map of Bihar, but first you have to choose the suitable district.

Image 2 Bihar Records of Rights Image 2 Bihar Records of Rights
Image 2 Bihar Records of Rights

 Step 4: Once the district is chosen, a digital map containing the zones in Bihar will be shown. The applicant must then choose the appropriate zone.

Image 3 Bihar Records of Rights Image 3 Bihar Records of Rights
Image 3 Bihar Records of Rights

 Step 5: On the new page, you will have access to the names of the chosen District, Subdivision, and Zone. The details of the records of rights can be obtained through various means:

  • See all Mouja accounts listed by their names.
  • Access all records related to Mouja based on the Khasara number.
  •  View account number 
  •  View by Khesara number 
  •  View account holder name 
Image 4 Bihar Records of Rights Image 4 Bihar Records of Rights
Image 4 Bihar Records of Rights

 Step 6: To see a list of all Mauja accounts sorted by name, use the filters provided for the Mauja list. However, if you prefer to sort by account number, Khasara number, or name, you will need to provide that information.

 Step 7: After choosing and entering the necessary information, click on the option for account search. This will show the revenue record which includes information such as the name of the royalty, their father or husband’s name, account number, khesara number, and authority record.

Image 5 Bihar Records of Rights Image 5 Bihar Records of Rights
Image 5 Bihar Records of Rights

 Step 8: When you select the view option, the records of rights for the individual in Bihar will appear.

 Step 9: You can obtain the certified copy of Bihar records of rights by selecting the print option.

Image 6 Bihar Records of Rights Image 6 Bihar Records of Rights
Image 6 Bihar Records of Rights

 Note: It is suggested to get a copy of the Bihar ROR every year to check whether the details are updated in the Revenue Records. 

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