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Bihar Income Certificate



An income certificate is an official government record of an individual’s earnings from all sources. It is issued by authorities such as Tahsildar, Naib Tahasildar, Block Development Officer, or District Magistrate/Collector. The certificate is required to be eligible for various government benefits. This article provides a detailed overview of the process of obtaining an income certificate in Bihar.

Need for the Document

There are several justifications for acquiring an income certificate:

  • Admission to Universities.
  • To apply for pension schemes.
  • To apply for Government jobs.
  • To apply for other Government schemes.
  • To apply for OBC/EBC/SC/ST certificate.

Documents Required

To apply for an income certificate, the candidate needs to have the specified papers in their possession.

Application Procedure

To obtain an Income certificate in Bihar, the applicant has the option to apply either online or visit CSC Centers.

CSC Center

First, go to the CSC Center.

To avail the services, the candidate must visit the Common Service Centres located in their vicinity.

 Step 2: Find out the Center 

The candidates must discover the closest CSC site.

 Step 3: Obtain the form 

The candidate must acquire the application form from the appropriate authority.

 Step 4: Enter the Details 

The individual seeking admission must provide the necessary information in the designated application document.

 Step 5: Attach Documents 

After entering all the necessary information, the applicant must include all the essential papers to the application form.

Step six involves submitting the application.

The candidate is now able to present the necessary paperwork to the appropriate official.

The initial step is to access the website.

To apply, the individual must access the endorsed webpage.

Bihar-Income-Certificate-Home-Page Bihar-Income-Certificate-Home-Page

The second step involves clicking on the option of “Apply Online”.

When the applicant has entered their information, they must then select the option of “Apply Online.”

 Step 3: Click on I Agree 

Following that, the individual will be provided with the material which they must read through before selecting the ‘I Agree’ option.

Step 4 involves giving or submitting your mobile phone number.

In order to proceed, the candidate is required to input their cell phone number and then select the “next” button.

Fifth step involves inserting the code for verification.

The individual applying must input the authentication code that was dispatched to their designated mobile phone number.

 Step 6: Submit the form 

In order to submit the form, the person applying must select the option that says “I Agree” and click on it.

Step number 7 is the process of obtaining the ID for the application.

The individual who applied will be given a specific ID for their application, which can be used to monitor its progress.

The eighth step involves releasing the certificate.

To obtain the certificate, the individual must appear in person and provide a valid government-issued identification.

Firstly, access the webpage.

To apply, the person must access the authorized website.

The second step is to select “Application Status” by clicking on it.

In order to check the status of their application, the candidate must select the option labeled as “Application Status” and click on it.

Step 3 involves receiving updates on your status or application status through SMS.

If the applicant clicks on the ‘Application Status’ button, they can choose the specific option to check the status of their application.

 Step 4: Enter Application ID 

When the applicant selects ‘Know Your Status’, a different page will appear where they need to input their Unique Application number. After inputting the number, the applicant will be informed about the status of their application.

Another method for checking one’s application status is by typing a text message using the format provided below:

RTPS <Application ID> and this has to be sent to 56677. 

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