Bihar Domicile Certificate

Bihar Domicile Certificate


The domicile certificate is an official record that acknowledges an individual’s place of residence within a specific state. This certificate is granted by the revenue department of the Government of Bihar. It serves as proof that the certificate holder resides within the district or state that granted the certificate. This article provides a thorough explanation of the process of acquiring a Bihar domicile certificate.

The reasons for obtaining a domicile certificate are as follows:

A domicile certificate is used to gain access to residency-based quotas in government services and educational institutions. Certain scholarship programs also require this certificate. It may also be required by institutions offering loans as proof of residence.

 Eligibility Criteria 

The Bihar Government’s requirements for obtaining a domicile certificate are listed below.

  • For the past three years, the person applying must have lived in Bihar.
  • To be eligible, the contender must possess a residence, real estate, or plot of land in the state of Bihar.
  • The name of the candidate must be listed in the roster of voters.
  • Female applicants can apply for the certificate if they are married to a person from Bihar
  • For individuals who are under the age of majority, their certificate is issued according to the legal residence of their parents.

 Documents Required to Get  A Bihar Domicile Certificate is a legal document that verifies an individual’s residence in the state of Bihar. It is issued by the state government to its citizens as proof of their permanent address for various official purposes. This certificate is often required for school admissions, employment opportunities, and government schemes such as ration cards, voter ID cards, and passport applications. The application process for obtaining a Bihar Domicile Certificate involves providing proof of residency, identity, and other required documents as per the guidelines issued by the state government.

In order to obtain a domicile certificate, an individual must have the subsequent records:

  • The affidavit that is required for the domicile certificate form is stated in Annexure-I.
  • Passport, or any other government-issued document that contains a photograph and personal information) is required for most official activities in India. These include opening bank accounts, getting a driver’s license, enrolling in schools, colleges or universities, and applying for government jobs. A valid and up-to-date identity document is therefore essential for every Indian citizen, as it enables them to access important services and participate in society. Ration Card  , etc.)
  • Documentation substantiating one’s residency (such as a bill for electricity, water, or telephone services).
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Proof of the applicant owning a land
  • Passport size color photograph

The process of applying for a Bihar Domicile Certificate can be done online.

To obtain a domicile certificate in Bihar, the applicant must adhere to the prescribed procedures listed herein.

 Step 1: To apply, the candidate must access the authorized website of the Bihar Government.this link.

Homepage-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate Homepage-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate
Homepage Bihar Domicile Certificate

 Step 2: The person applying needs to select the “submit” button. Apply Online”  option on the home page.

Terms-and-Conditions-Bihar-Domicile-certificate Terms-and-Conditions-Bihar-Domicile-certificate
Terms and Conditions

 Step 4: The candidate is now required to select a preferred location for receiving the certificate.

Apply-Form-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate Apply-Form-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate
Apply Form

 Step 5: Type in the name (in both Hindi and English), choose the appropriate certificate, then input your mobile number.

Application-Form-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate Application-Form-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate
Application Form

 Step 6:  After clicking on the “  Next” Once you click on the button, a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone.

Applicant-details-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate Applicant-details-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate
Applicant details

 Step 8: Once the applicant has completed the application form, they will be given an application ID as a form of confirmation.

Acknowledgment-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate Acknowledgment-Bihar-Domicile-Certificate

Track Application Status

The e-portalIn addition, the platform provides a feature which allows its users to check the current state of their application. To do so, simply access the homepage and select the option labelled as ““”. Application Status” Click on the hyperlink provided, and input the application number in order to verify the current condition of the application.

Application-Status Application-Status
Application Status

Download Bihar Domicile Certificate

official website and click on the link for the domicile certificate. This will redirect the applicant to a page where they will have to fill in all the necessary information and attach the required documents. Once this is done, the applicant can submit the form and download the domicile certificate.official web portal and click on the “  Certificate Web copy”  option. Then enter the application number and click on the ‘print’ button to download or print the domicile certificate online.

Download-Certificate Download-Certificate
Download Certificate 

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