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Producer company registration in Bihar is registration of companies by, for farmers. Producer company is farmer’s company. Farmers come together, pull their resources and form a company. A producer company can be characterized as a lawfully perceived assortment of ranchers/agriculturists with the mean to work on the norm of their living, and guarantee a decent status of their accessible help, salaries and benefit. Under Companies Act 1956, a Producer Company can be shaped by 10 people (or more) or 2 organizations (or more) or by a mix of both (10 people and 2 foundations) having their business level headed as one of the accompanying:









Selling, or


Producer company registration in Bihar

Pre-Incorporation Checklist for Producer company registration in Bihar:

Any at least 10 makers (Individuals) can combine to shape a creation organization however there could be no maximum breaking point on the quantity of individuals.

Or on the other hand, any at least 2 maker foundations can shape a maker organization.

A base capital of Rs. 500,000 is expected to integrate a maker organization.

There ought to be least 5 directors (limit of 15) in a producer organization.

It can never be changed over into a public organization anyway it tends to be changed over into a multi-state co-usable society.


Authorized activities of Producer companies:

The Producer Company is expected to manage the produce of its individuals and is approved to continue any of the accompanying exercises:

Processing (processing also includes, preserving, brewing, vinting,  drying, distilling, canning and packaging)of the produce of its individuals;

Production, deal or supply of hardware, apparatus or consumables to its maker individuals;

To give instruction on the common help standards to the maker individuals from the maker organization and others;

To deliver consultancy administrations, specialized administrations, preparing, R&D and any remaining required exercises for advancing the interests of maker individuals;

Age, transmission and appropriation of force, protection and correspondence interesting to essential produce, revitalisation of land and water assets,

Protection of the essential produce and its maker;

To advance the strategies of commonality and shared help;

The government assistance of individuals as might be chosen by the Board;

Supporting of obtainment, advertising, handling or different exercises, for example, stretching out of credit offices or some other monetary help to its maker individuals.

Some other movement (subordinate or accidental to the fundamental goals of the maker organization) to advance the common help among the maker individuals and the lines of standards of commonality.


Benefits of Producer Companies:

Coming up next are the advantages of registration of Producer Company:-


The members of the producer company will be qualified for get extra offers in similar extent to the offers held by them.

Advances and Investments: As referenced over the Producer Company comprise of people who are essential makers, and consequently, are needing monetary help every once in a while. Thus, a unique arrangement under the organizations acts 1956 was passed for giving credits to maker individuals. A Producer Company can give monetary help to its individuals through:-


∙ Credit facility : This is accessible to any part for a period not surpassing a half year (such office should be regarding the matter of the Company).

∙ Credits and advances: These are given to the maker part against security, repayable inside a period not surpassing a long time from the date of dispensing of such credits or advances.

∙ Tax Benefit (Taxability of Producer Company): The Income Tax Act, 1961 under segment 10(1) absolves the horticultural pay. Notwithstanding, the exclusion gave under area 10(1) for the horticultural pay at times fluctuate based on the rural movement completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: 1. What is support in producer company?


Support, thus, is characterized as the utilization of administrations presented by maker organizations to their individuals by interest in their business exercises.


QUESTION: 2. Producer Company according to the Companies Act, 2013


Such organizations are considered to have the integrity of co-agents and the dynamicity of organizations. The Companies Act, 2013 holds no arrangement concerning the Producer Companies and with the institution of the new demonstration, the previous demonstration stands canceled


QUESTION: 3. Is Amul a Producer company?


Anand Milk Union Limited or Amul is an Indian cooperative dairy company, based at Anand in the territory of Gujarat. Framed in 1948, it is a helpful brand overseen by an agreeable body, the Gujarat Co-usable Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. … Amul has wandered into business sectors abroad.



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