Hallmark Registration

Hallmark registration in Bihar– A jeweller desirous to sell Hallmarked gold adornments/relics is expected to get an enlistment from BIS for a specific premises of a deals outlet. The enlistment is conceded to a goldsmith for specific premises if the application in endorsed design alongside vital archives is viewed as all together and installment of imperative expenses and consenting to of an arrangement for working the permit by the diamond setter mutually with BIS. In the event that the diamond setter is likewise envious to sell Hallmarked silver adornments/relics one more enrollment will be gotten from BIS by presenting a different application.

Hallmark Registration

Hallmark registration in BiharSubsequent to assessing and testing the gold article of gem dealers, these imprints are apportioned. Hallmarked adornments confirm that the metal utilized in gems adjusts to the public and worldwide norm of fineness and immaculateness.

In India, Bureau of Indian Standards, is the country’s peak principles body, engaged with the advancement of specialized norms (prevalently known as Indian Standards), item quality and the board framework certifications& client issues in all matters concerning normalization, affirmation and quality. Department of Indian Standards (BIS) affirmed gem dealers can get their adornments hallmarked from any of the BIS perceived Assaying and Hallmarking Center.

The fundamental target of measuring and hallmarking is to safeguard a customer against exploitation of unpredictable gold quality. Other than buyer fulfillment, hallmarking assists with making send out intensity of gold gems industry accordingly give serious areas of strength for a to gold adornments trades.

Registration Fee

The public authority has told new rules for BIS Hallmark License Fees. The permit expense will presently be known as Registration charges and it will be founded on turnover set up populace.

Validity & Renewal Of License

The BIS hallmark license is granted for a period of not less than one (1) year and up to two (2) years.

The renewal of a license may be granted for a period of not less than one year and up to five years.

Renewal of license shall contain,

  • Application of renewal prescribed under Form XII
  • Month-wise production details
  • Performance Bank guarantee (six months more than the validity of the grant)
  • Remittance of the applicable fees.
  • Recording Of Sales Of Hallmarked Jewellery
  • The jeweller shall record every sale on a computerized system, an appropriate record of sale shall be maintained for at least five years and made available as per the demand by BIS.

Non Acceptance of Application due to Antecedents

Under the following situations, the application made by the Applicant for obtaining certificate of registration may be rejected:

Prosecution case is pending or in the process of initiating prosecution case in the trial court against the applicant or person under section 29 of the BIS Act, 2016.
Applicant has made the application immediately after the case of misuse of Hallmark or any violation under Section 14 or Section 15 of BIS Act, 2016 detected on the part of applicant.
Misuse of Hallmark or any violation under Section 14 or Section 15 of BIS Act, 2016 detected on the part of applicant after the application was made to BIS.

Registration may be Rejected/cancel:-

Deviations in the degree of purity of fine metal and observance of operations not in conformance to the system may result in cancellation of BIS license, and invoke legal proceedings for penalties under the BIS Act, Rules and Regulations.

Mandatory To Obtain Hallmark Licenses:-

The Government of India had advised rules and guideline for gold and silver gems hallmarking, yet the choice is as yet forthcoming as the public authority is choosing as too when to make it required. In country as well as in metropolitan regions numerous little diamond setters are selling non-hallmarked adornments, be that as it may, BIS has given cautioning to unregistered gem dealers not to sell trademark and furthermore not to sell non-hallmarked gems.

Anyway, on the off chance that the compulsory hallmarking is postponed from the public authority side, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) cautioning will make mindfulness.

Hallmark certification plays a vital role for jewellers in every aspect such as:-

  • It boosts your business
  • It adds value to the precious stone and trust in jewellery
  • It gives quality assurances for the jewellery product
  • Provides legal protection against infringement
  • It provides customer satisfaction
  • It helps in business growth.
  • Process Of Hallmark Certification
  • Preparation of documents for BIS registration
  • Development of agreement on stamp paper of INR 100/- in the prescribed format
  • Filling of the hallmark application form
  • Pay the fee for application processing
  • An inspection will be done by the inspector of the concerned BIS department


Qus:- 1. How to Identify Hallmarked Jewellry?

An Identifier can rapidly distinguish the hallmarked (gold and silver) gems as it contains four character comments on it-

On the gems logo of BIS trademark is available
Immaculateness status number of gold gems will be there
Logo of BIS testing focus
Logo or code of the gem dealer

Qus:- 2. Who works the Hallmarking Scheme?

It is a deliberate plan till 15-01-2021 for gold and silver adornments being worked by BIS through its organization of Regional/Branch Offices all around the country.

Qus:- 3. What control BIS has on enrolled Jewelers and Recognized Assaying and Hallmarking Centers ?

Customary reconnaissance review of Assaying and hallmarking focuses and testing of irregular market tests drawn from enrolled gem specialists is done.

Qus:- 4. Does BIS Scheme Cover hallmarking of Gold Medallions?

Gold emblems (of the state of coins) of 995 fineness and beneath are being allowed to be hallmarked

Qus:- 5. What is the technique for Grant of Recognition to Assaying and Hallmarking Centers?

The acknowledgment of an Assaying and Hallmarking Center is finished by BIS subsequent to guaranteeing that the Center has essential framework and quality administration framework according to IS 15820 : 2009, and furthermore utilized, prepared and skilled labor. The rundown of BIS perceived testing and hallmarking Centers is likewise facilitated on BIS site

Qus:- 6. What is the system for Grant of enrollment to Jewelers ?

The goldsmith needs to apply to the concerned Branch office of BIS in the endorsed application structure alongside important archives and charges for getting a permit. Application Form with subtleties of records to be submitted and charges as relevant are accessible on BIS site (www.bis.org.in).

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