Bihar Ration Card

Bihar Ration Card


The Bihar ration card is a formal documentation provided by the Bihar State Government. A significant advantage of owning a Bihar ration card is that it allows the holder to acquire subsidized provisions from the State Government. This essay will provide comprehensive information on the Bihar ration card, including its advantages, eligibility criteria, necessary papers, and application processes.

 Types of Bihar Ration Cards 

Below stated are the three categories of Ration Cards prevailing in Bihar.

 Above Poverty Line (APL): Individuals who are residing above the poverty line will be provided with an APL ration card by the Government.

 Below Poverty Line (BPL): Those who are below the poverty line will be given a ration card by the Government bearing the label of BPL.

ಅಂತ್ಯೋದಯ ಅನ್ನ ಯೋಜನೆಯ (AAY) ಕಾರ್ಡ್ಗಳು: The Government will issue अंत्योदय अन्न योजना (एएवाय) कार्डेTo the most financially vulnerable groups in a society.

 Benefits of Ration card 

The State Government of Bihar runs a scheme called the Public Distribution System (PDS), which offers essential items such as grains, food products, edible oils, and kerosene to families with ration cards at subsidized rates. Additionally, a ration card serves as an important ID document, acting as proof of identity while applying for other certificates like marriage or domicile certificates.

 Eligibility Criteria 

Below are the conditions or requirements that must be met to be able to apply for a new ration card in Bihar.

  • The applicant should be a  resident of the State of Bihar.
  • It is mandatory that the candidate does not have a valid ration card.
  • Newlywed pairs residing in Bihar are eligible to submit their application.

 Required Documents 

Together with the application form, the individual is required to present the subsequent records:

 Note:- A person in a position of authority, such as a gazetted officer, MLA, MP, or Municipal Councillor, must confirm and verify the passport-sized photographs of the leader of the family.

 Application procedure 

To obtain a new Ration Card in Bihar State, the candidate must follow the steps provided below and apply accordingly.

 Step 1: Head to the closest Circle Office or S.D.O. to collect an application form for the Ration Card.

 Step 2: Complete the application form accurately and include all necessary paperwork.

 Step 3: Once you have completed the form, hand it in at the identical office.

 Note:-  After the submission of the application, the applicant will be given an acknowledgement number. It is essential to track or demand in the Circle office/S.D.O. Office after submitting the application to the officers. The concerned authority will issue the Ration Card within 15 days from the date of application. 

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