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Bihar RTPS Portal


Bihar RTPS Portal

The Bihar RTPS portal is a website created by the Bihar government to provide citizens with multiple online services in one place. Through registration on the portal, individuals can access various services offered by the government. This article focuses specifically on the certificate services available on the Bihar RTPS portal.

The Bihar RTPS website offers a range of services.

The Bihar RTPS website is designed to provide a range of services offered by the state government. Any citizen can access the portal and take advantage of the services listed below.

Certificate Services include:

  • Caste Certificate  (Jati praman patra)
  • Income Certificate (aay praman patra)
  • Local  Residence Certificate  (Awasiya praman patra)
  • चरित्र प्रमाणपत्र हा दस्तऐवज आहे जो कोणाला उत्तम व्यवहार आहे ते दाखवतो. यात व्यक्तीच्या चारित्रिक मूल्यांचे वर्णन आहे जो त्याच्या अनुभवास आधारित असतील. हा पत्र त्यांना प्रदान केला जातो ज्यांना याचा आवश्यकता असतो तसेच याचा वापर नौकरी, शैक्षणिक संस्था या इतर उद्देशांसाठी।
  • OBC certificate
  • Land Possession certificate  (LPC)
  • Tatkal services are available for obtaining residential, caste, and income certificates.

The characteristics of the Bihar RTPS portal are as follows:

The website presents a diverse array of functionalities that the residents of the region can make use of. Several of these functions are enumerated as follows:

  • RTPS allows for an audit of services that have been postponed or refused, as well as appeals and reviews to be conducted through this website.
  • The website allows for convenient and speedy entry to all available services, as well as the ability to verify the progress of any submitted applications.
  • The portal offers advantages such as the ability to request services, make payments online, receive approval for services, and have services delivered.
  • The services that have not yet been provided will be communicated to the residents through a text message (SMS).

 Certificate Processing Time 

In Bihar, certificates that are asked for will be granted approximately two weeks after the time of request.

 Concerned Authority 

Residents of Bihar can present their application forms for land possession certificates at either the Anchaladhikari office closest to them or at any Right to Public Service (RTPS) office located within the state.

The process of requesting services

The Bihar inhabitants are able to sign up for the Bihar RTPS Portal with the Government by adhering to the steps specified underneath:

 Access the Portal 

 Step 1: To receive all government services, it is necessary for the applicant to go to the Bihar RTPS.

Bihar RTPS Portal - Image - 1 Bihar RTPS Portal - Image - 1
बिहार आरटीपीएस पोर्टल – छवि – 1

 Login to Portal 

 Step 2: In order to access the portal, you are required to provide your login ID and password, as well as complete the captcha validation. Finally, you must click on the “Submit” button to proceed.

Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 2 Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 2
Bihar RTPS Portal – Image 2

 Step 3: You can now make a request and apply for any services that are offered on the online portal.

 Apply for Services 

 Step 4: To apply online, you need to select the “Apply Online” choice that is available on the homepage.

 Step 5: Once this is complete, you will need to give your acceptance to the presented Terms and Conditions before moving on to the following page.

Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 2 Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 2
Bihar RTPS Portal – Image 2

 Step 6: You need to select the location where you wish to receive the certificate.

Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 4 Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 4
Bihar RTPS Portal – Image 4

 Step 7: Provide your name in both Hindi and English. Afterwards, you need to choose the appropriate certificate and input your mobile number.

Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 5 Bihar RTPS Portal - Image 5
Bihar RTPS Portal – Image 5

 Step 8: Once you click the “Next” button, you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile device.

 Step 9: Firstly, you need to input the confirmation code. Once this is done, you will be directed to a page where you are required to provide all the necessary information.

 Payment Process 

 Step 10: Once the user fills out the necessary information in the application form, they will be directed to a page where they can choose from various online payment options such as net banking and payments through debit or credit cards.

 Acknowledgement Number 

 Step 11: Once you have completed the application form, you will be given an application ID to use as confirmation.

 Track Application Status 

The e-portal offers a feature where users can check the progress of their application. By clicking on the “Application Status” link on the home page and entering their application number, users can verify the status of their application.

Track Application Status - Bihar RTPS Portal Track Application Status - Bihar RTPS Portal
Check the Status of your Application – The Bihar RTPS Portal.

 Download Certificate 

In order to obtain a copy of your domicile certificate, you must navigate to the official website and select the “Certificate Web copy” prompt. Next, enter your reference number and press the “print” button to retrieve and/or print your certificate from the internet.

Download Certificates - Bihar RTPS Portal Download Certificates - Bihar RTPS Portal
The Bihar RTPS Portal allows you to obtain certificates by downloading them.

Bihar RTPS Portal FAQ

How to apply online for RTPS Bihar?

To apply for RTPS Bihar online, individuals can use the RTPS Portal. They will need to log in to the portal first and then request the desired services and submit payment, enabling them to complete the RTPS Bihar online application process.

What is Bihar RTPS?

The Bihar Government has created the Bihar RTPS portal with the intention of helping the state’s residents obtain multiple online services through one platform. Registering on the portal grants individuals access to all the services provided by the Bihar Government.

What are the services offered by Bihar RTPS?

The Bihar RTPS website offers a range of services provided by the government of the state. Any regular citizen can make use of this online platform to access the subsequent services.

  • Caste Certificate (Jati praman patra)
  • Income Certificate (aay praman patra)
  • स्थानीय आवास प्रमाण पत्र (Awasiya praman patra)।
  • चरित्र प्रमाणपत्र (Charitra praman patra) हा दस्तऐवज ज्यामागे व्यक्तीच्या चरित्राची अभिव्यक्ती आहे, ती सर्व पदवी व नोकरी प्रवेशासाठी आवश्यक आहे. यात व्यक्तीचे सर्व तपशील दिले जातात ज्यामध्ये त्याची शिक्षण, जीवनाची अनुभवे, जामानयाची शालेय उच्चता आणि त्याच्या चरित्रावर अन्य माहिती यापुढी दिली जाते.
  • OBC certificate
  • Land Possession Certificate (LPC)
  • Tatkal Services are provided for obtaining Residential, Caste, and Income Certificates.
What is the duration required for the Bihar RTPS Certificate to be processed?

The Bihar RTPS certificate is generally issued within 10 TO 15 days of application.

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