Bihar Birth Certificate

Bihar Birth Certificate


In order to ascertain one’s identity as a citizen of a particular state, a birth certificate serves as a legal document. The Chief Registrar of Birth issues the birth certificate in Bihar. This article aims to provide information regarding the process of obtaining a birth certificate in Bihar.

The rationale for acquiring a birth certificate is to establish one’s legal identity and citizenship. It serves as an official record of one’s birth and is required when applying for various government-issued documents and services, such as a passport, driver’s license, Social Security card, and school enrollment. Additionally, it may be needed for genealogical purposes, such as researching family history and heritage.

There are several grounds for obtaining a birth certificate, including:

  • In order to attain entrance into educational institutions.
  • Individuals have the opportunity to obtain employment within the public sector.
  • The legal identity is established through the issuance of a birth certificate.
  • Obtaining certified documents such as a Voter’s ID is facilitated by having a birth certificate. Driving License , Passport, Marriage Certificate, etc.

 Registering Birth in Bihar 

It is compulsory for each person to complete the registration of a new born within 21 days from the actual birth date. The person eligible to document the birth is predetermined.

  • Deliveries that occur in healthcare facilities like nursing homes or hospitals:The individual authorized by the medical establishment has permission to complete the registration of the birth.
  •  Birth in a house: – The individual who holds the highest position in the household is able to record the birth with the appropriate governing body.

 Documents Required 

The application must include the accompanying documents when it is submitted.

  • Application Form
  • Evidence of the place of birth (location of the child’s birth) obtained from the medical facility.
  • Parent’s identity proof
  • Residence Proof
  • The parent’s marriage certificate is not mandatory and can be provided at the discretion of the individual.

The fees indicated are relevant to the process of registering a birth.

 Period   Fees 
The act of officially recording a person’s birth must be completed within a period of three weeks from the day they were born. No fee
This sentence means that the person was officially registered as a citizen 21 days after they were born. Rs.2
Being officially enrolled within one calendar year from birth, but not less than thirty days after the date of birth. Rs.5
Registered after one year of birth Rs.10

 Online Applying Procedure 

If you want to obtain a birth certificate from the Bihar government, simply adhere to the guidelines provided below:

 Step 1: Go to the authorized website of Bihar state administration.

 Step 2:  Click on “  Birth Certificate”  option to select Register Me.

 Step 3: Complete the digital application in order to enroll on the website.

 Step 4: Once the form has been completed, the individual will be sent a One-Time Password (OTP) to the mobile number registered.

 Step 5:  Now create a password for login.

 Step 6: It is now possible to complete the birth registration form online and submit the necessary documents in scanned form.

Please be informed that upon submission of your application through the internet, you shall receive a distinct identification number which serves as a confirmation to verify the status of your request over the internet.

 Track Application Status 

details to access the application tracker. service application number  and click on  search Press the button to see the present condition of your application.

Check-Status-Bihar-Birth-Certificate Check-Status-Bihar-Birth-Certificate
Check Status Bihar Birth Certificate 

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