Bihar Caste Certificate

Bihar Caste Certificate


A document known as the caste or community certificate is a legally binding proof that an individual belongs to a specific caste. With such a certificate, an individual becomes entitled to several benefits provided by the Indian Government. This article intends to outline the comprehensive steps involved in acquiring a Bihar caste certificate.

Need for the Document

A document known as a caste certificate is utilized for several reasons:

  • To gain admission into educational institutions such as schools and colleges.
  • To apply for competitive examinations.
  • To acquire financial aid for the purpose of furthering one’s education.
  • To secure a job in designated groups.
  • To obtain government subsidies.
  • To apply for housing and  self-employment schemes.
  • To allot house sites to citizens.
  • To assign or to grant land.
  • To stand as a candidate in elections.


To apply for a caste certificate in Bihar, there are certain conditions that must be met by the applicant.

  • The applicant should belong to any reserved category such as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or Other Backward Classes.
  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant should be  residing in Bihar.
  • The applicant should be above 3 years of age.

Documents Required

To obtain a caste certificate, an individual has to possess the following documents:

  • Ration Card
  • Self-declaration of the applicant
  • Identity Card
  • Passport size photographs

Application Procedure

The online method to apply for a caste certificate is as follows.

Online Method

 Step 1: Log on to the official website 

The applicant has to log on to the official website.

 Step 2: Select the place to obtain the certificate 

On the new page where he/she has to select the desired place to obtain the application.

Bihar-Caste-Certificate-Apply-Online Bihar-Caste-Certificate-Apply-Online

 Step 3: Entering the name 

Once the desired place is selected, a box appears where the applicant has to enter the name. If the applicant is unable to enter the name in Hindi, press the enter button once the name is entered in Hindi. Make the necessary changes to perfect the spelling, and only then, the applicant has to proceed to the next step.

 Step 4: Click on Caste Certificate 

The applicant then has to select the appropriate certificate from the list of service. Therefore, caste certificate has to be clicked.

 Step 5: Enter the mobile number 

The applicant then has to enter the mobile number and then click on the Next button.

 Step 6: Mobile Number verification 

A password for the application will be sent to the registered mobile number. The code has to be entered in the respective field to verify the mobile number.

 Step 7: Enter the Details 

Once the code is entered, an application appears. The applicant has to enter all the required information in the application form.

 Step 8: Submit the application 

After entering all the details, the applicant has to submit the application by clicking on the Submit button.

 Step 9: Receiving an acknowledgement 

The applicant receives an acknowledgement that mentions the application number. This number has to be noted down to track the application status.

Application Status

Follow the below methods to know the application status:

Check Status Online

 Step 1: Log on to the website 

The applicant has to log on to the official website.

Bihar-Caste-Certificate-Application-Status Bihar-Caste-Certificate-Application-Status

 Step 2: Enter the Application ID 

The applicant has to enter the 18 digits unique application ID.

 Step 3: Status appears 

On entering the application id, the status appears in the State’s portal.

Check Status Through SMS

To known status through SMS, the applicant has to type a text message in the given format and it to 56677.


 Things to Remember 

  1.  The certificate must be received by the applicant and not by another person. 
  2.  The applicant has to have a valid ID proof like voter ID, Aadhar card that contains personal details like name, date of birth and address that has been mentioned in the application form. 

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