Bihar Occupancy Certificate

Bihar Occupancy Certificate


An occupancy certificate is a significant document that verifies that a building's construction in Bihar follows the authorized plans. The Department of Urban Development and Housing, which is under the governance of the Bihar government, is responsible for granting occupancy certificates only when the constructed building meets the necessary criteria for residency. This article delves into the detailed process of acquiring a Bihar occupancy certificate.

The Bihar Building Bye-Laws of 2013.

According to the regulations set forth in the Bihar Building Bye-Laws 2013, once a building is finished, the applicant must submit the appropriate application form in order to be granted an occupancy certificate. An authorized officer will then inspect the building and either approve or deny occupancy within 30 days of the application date.

The certificate of occupancy and certificate of completion are two different types of certificates related to building construction. The certificate of occupancy is issued by the local government agencies to ensure that a building is safe and meets all the building codes and laws before the owner or tenant can legally occupy or use the building. On the other hand, the certificate of completion is issued to confirm that construction work has been completed as per design specifications, and the building is ready for use. In summary, the certificate of occupancy focuses on safety, while the certificate of completion focuses on the completion of construction.

 Completion Certificate 

Once the construction is finished, either the builder or the building owner must ask the local government for a certificate of completion.

The Completion Certificate will be issued by the relevant authority if the building satisfies the conditions mentioned in the building approval form, as well as other building requirements such as its proximity to the highway, its height, and the installation of a rainwater harvesting system.

 Occupancy Certificate 

After obtaining the Completion Certificate, the applicant must seek an Occupancy Certificate from the nearby municipal authority.

An Occupancy Certificate is a document that confirms that a building has adhered to the required construction regulations and laws. It is granted by either the department of urban development and housing or the municipal authority, which approves the building's occupation as per the prescribed rules. This certificate is only issued after the construction has been completed in all aspects.

Benefits of having an Occupancy Certificate in Bihar

Acquiring an occupancy certificate in a particular state can have numerous advantages. The certificate brings with it various benefits which include:

  • Claiming the  Income-tax benefits You will receive your home loan statement which will include information about your mortgage.
  • Helping to conform to the authorized blueprints of the construction.
  • Grants legal acknowledgement of ownership or tenancy of a property.
  • Assists in obtaining access to water, sanitation, or electricity services.
  • Necessary when the purchaser applies for a mortgage on a property.
  • sale, the services of a trusted real estate agent can be very beneficial. They have an in-depth knowledge of the property market and can provide valuable advice and guidance on the buying or selling process. With their expertise and experience, real estate agents can also help negotiate fair prices and ensure that all legal requirements and paperwork are in order. In short, having a reliable real estate agent by your side can ease the stress and complications of property transactions. property selling.
  • Helping someone secure a copy of their registered deed.

 Applicable Fee 

To obtain the Occupancy Certificate in Bihar, the individual must pay a handling charge of Rs. 1000 as an applicant.

 Documents Required 

When you apply, include these documents with the application form:

  • A notification of the conclusion in the specific format.
  • Three sets of finalized architectural designs.
  • Record of Rights  relating to ownership.
  • A duplicate of the authorized blueprint along with the letter of consent.
  • The nominated authority must provide a certificate of establishment for fire safety equipment, if necessary.
  • The primary public utility system is linked to the evidence of the impact of all public utility services, with a particular focus on sewerage, drainage, water supply, and electricity.

The process of applying without an internet connection.

To obtain a Bihar Occupancy Certificate, adhere to the instructions outlined below.

 Step 1:  To receive the application form for an occupancy certificate, the person interested must go to the designated officer's office of the planning authority or the chief municipal officer of the specific municipality.

 Step 2:  Complete the application form with the necessary information and include the specified paperwork.

 Step 3:  Hand in the application form that has been completed and all accompanying documents to the relevant person at the same place.

 Step 4:  After submitting the application, the person applying must produce a challan to make a payment.

 Step 5:  Once the challan has been submitted and payment has been made, the applicant will receive a notification on their registered mobile number and email address confirming the successful transaction.

 Step 6:  The applicant can obtain the occupancy certificate once their documents have been verified and inspected.

 Online Application Procedure 

To obtain an occupancy certificate, the individual seeking it must adhere to the instructions provided below.

 Step 1:  Head over to the Urban Development and Housing Department's authorized website.

 Step 2:  Click on “  Occupancy Certificate The choice labeled "Building Permission" on the portal's homepage menu can be selected.

 Step 3:  The citizen registration form will appear on the screen that follows.

 Step 4:  In order to complete the process of citizen registration, the user is responsible for providing all necessary information on the registration form. This includes filling the form with the required details.

  • Applicant name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Address details

submit” button to complete the registration process. Once the submission process is completed, the applicant will receive a confirmation message on the screen, indicating that the registration has been successfully completed. Submit”  icon.

Bihar-Occupancy-Certificate-Citizen-Registration Bihar-Occupancy-Certificate-Citizen-Registration
The submission of a Bihar Occupancy Certificate and Citizen Registration is necessary.

 Step 5:  To apply, the individual must access their citizen account and provide the necessary information.

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Respective municipality details.
Bihar-Occupancy-Certificate-Citizen-Login Bihar-Occupancy-Certificate-Citizen-Login
The Citizen Login for Bihar Occupancy Certificate.

 Step 6:  The applicant is required to complete and submit the application form for the occupancy certificate.

 Step 7:  Once you have filled in the necessary information, you must upload the application form as well as any required scanned documents.

 Step 8:  Before submitting, it is necessary for the candidate to double-check that all data is entered accurately.

 Step 9:  To continue, the individual applying must make a payment.

 Step 10:  Click on “  Proceed” In English, the paragraph would read as follows: There is an image that, when clicked, will take you to either the Payment Gateway or a page to generate a Challan for payment. Which option appears depends on whether you chose to pay online or offline.

 Step 11:  When you reach the payment details screen, you will see that certain fields are required and need to be completed before continuing. Submit”  icon has to be clicked.

The person who has applied will get a notification on their mobile and email that they have registered with. If the transaction is successful, they will be given a number for their application and a reference number for the transaction. Once the department approves the application, the person will be notified about the date to collect the certificate through SMS and email. If the application is rejected, the person will also be informed through SMS and email.

 Processing Time 

The issuance of an occupancy certificate will be finished within a month after the application has been submitted.

 Concerned Authority 

The person in charge of giving out the occupancy certificate is either the designated officer of the Planning Authority, the Chief Municipal Officer of the corresponding municipality, or a group of officials appointed by the appropriate institution.

The granting of an occupancy certificate.

Officials will be sent to the location within two weeks to check certain requirements according to regulations. If the Notice of Completion is confirmed, authority will grant or deny Occupancy permission within a month of applying in accordance with the regulations.

Denial of an Occupancy Certificate

If the Occupancy Certificate is not issued within the designated time frame, the applicant must provide a written notification along with a sworn statement confirming that the construction has been carried out in accordance with the approved plans and that all development charges or other payments have been settled. Following the submission of this notification to the appropriate governing body, the Occupancy Certificate will be granted within 15 days of receipt.

 Track Application Status 

The individual who submitted the application can verify the progress of the application by performing the actions outlined below on the internet.

 Step 1:  Revisit the official portal.

 Step 2:  To find out the status of your service application, input the assigned number and then select the "Search" icon.

Bihar-Occupancy-Certificate-Track-Status Bihar-Occupancy-Certificate-Track-Status
Track the status of occupancy certificates in Bihar.

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