Bihar Factory License

Bihar Factory License

Bihar Factory License- In Bihar, factory owners are required to register their premises in accordance with the Factory Act of 1948. The district governing authority must be notified prior to the start of operations. A factory license can only be granted after the building plan has been approved by the Chief Inspector of the Labour Commissioner Organisation. This article provides a detailed overview of the process for obtaining a Bihar factory registration.

The Factories Act, 1948 

Bihar Factory LicenseAs per the rules stated in the Factories Act of 1948, one must submit an application requesting approval of the site plan in order to obtain a license for building a factory. The Divisional Inspector of factories will inspect the site and either approve or deny the license within sixty days of receiving the application.

 Applicability of the Act 

The factories listed below are required to apply for a factory license if they meet the specified conditions.

  • The facility or workplace has ten or additional employees who utilize power to carry out production tasks.
  • The factory or workplace has over twenty workers who are involved in manufacturing activities without the aid of electricity.

 Sanctioning Authority 

The authorities responsible for granting approval of plans and renewing factory licenses in accordance with the Factories Act 1948 are outlined below:

 S.No   No of Workers   Concerned Authority 
 1. Factories were hiring fewer than 300 employees. The person holding the position of Assistant Director of Factories and Boilers.
 2. Factory establishments had a workforce ranging from fewer than 300 to over 300 employees. The head of the department that oversees factories and boilers.
 3. Factories with high potential for accidents that could have significant impacts are called Major Accident Hazard factories.  Chief Inspector of Factory

 Validity of License

The permit approval is only valid for a year, so if the building project isn’t finished within that time frame, the person who applied for the permit must seek permission to extend it from the same approving body.

The fee that is appropriate for obtaining a license for a factory.

Below is the cost schedule for acquiring a factory license in Bihar state, provided for your information.

 The quantity of H.P placed 

The papers needed to obtain approval for a construction plan.

  •  Land papers of the factory
  •  Proof of Partnership Deed
  • A NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the State Pollution Control Board is required.
  •  List of Plant and Machinery
  •  List of Raw Materials

The list of documents needed to obtain a factory license.

The required paperwork must be included with the application for obtaining a factory license.

  •  Land papers of the factory
  • The department in charge requires a NOC or license for the use of saw-mill explosives, arms, and ammunition.
  • The document that outlines the rules and objectives of a company is known as its Memorandum of Association and article.
  • If there is a change in director, the list of current directors should be updated according to section 12/32 of the Companies Act.
  • A document outlining the individuals who serve on the Board of Directors and any relevant paperwork pertaining to their appointment.
  •  Proof of Partnership Deed
  •  List of Plant and Machinery
  •  List of Raw Materials
  • If the property is owned by the government, then the ministry in charge will provide a letter to appoint an occupier.
  • A document that confirms the designation of the person who currently occupies a particular place or space.
  • If there is an LLP or joint venture, the relevant document is the Memorandum of Agreement.
  •  Project Report
  • Permission or clearance issued by the State Pollution Control Board.

The process for registering factories online.

To register a factory in Bihar, adhere to the stated instructions listed beneath.

To obtain licensing for a factory, the individual must first make an online application to obtain approval for the building plan.

The process for obtaining approval for a building plan involves a few steps. Initially, the applicant must submit the plan to the relevant authorities for review. Following the review, any necessary changes in the plan will be suggested, and the applicant will be required to make adjustments accordingly. Once the plan is finalized, payment for the building permit will be required before approval can be granted. The approved plan will then be issued by the authorities, allowing the applicant to proceed with the construction project.

To obtain a permit for the construction plan of the factory, adhere to the guidelines provided below.

 Step 1:  Please visit the  official home screen The department responsible for managing labor resources in the state of Bihar.

 Provide Login Details

 Step 2: Press the “Login” button that can be found on the current webpage.

Bihar Factory License - Image 1 Bihar Factory License - Image 1
Image 1 depicts the license required to operate a factory in Bihar.

 Existing User Registration

 Step 3: If the user is already registered, the applicant must give their username and password information and then press the “Login” button.

 New User Registration

 Step 4: If a new user wants to register, they must select the “Register Yourself” button and the application form for new user registration will appear on the next screen.

 Provide Applicant Details

 Step 5: Information such as name, address, and other necessary categories must be provided in the user registration form.

  •  Applicant name
  •  Mobile number
  •  State of the applicant
  •  Email id
  •  Password

Once you have entered the aforementioned information, you must click on the button labeled “Validate.”

Bihar Factory License - Image 2 Bihar Factory License - Image 2
Image 2 depicts the Bihar Factory License.

 Step 6: You will be directed to the login page, where you need to enter your login credentials to continue with the process.

Bihar Factory License - Image 3 Bihar Factory License - Image 3
The third image is related to the Bihar Factory License.

 Select List of Services 

 Step 7: To select the correct service (Form 1) for obtaining permission to construct, extend, or use a building as a factory, the applicant must first click on the List of Services available throughout the country.

 Application Form 1

 Step 8: To apply for building permits for the factory, select the option of the application form and click on it.

 Step 9: Once you click on the application form, a webpage will be displayed where various details related to the factory must be entered, such as its name, email, mobile number, region, division, district, village, and the type of factory. Once you have provided all the necessary information, you need to click on the “agree” button.

Bihar Factory License - Image 4 Bihar Factory License - Image 4
Image 4 represents the license for a factory in Bihar.

Upload Documents

 Step 10: In order to proceed, you must add the necessary paperwork listed in the Documents to be Attached dropdown. To attach the documents, select them and hit the Upload button. Once all necessary documents have been attached, click Continue to move forward.

Make Payments

 Step 11: On the Payment Details page, fill in the necessary information and the system will automatically calculate and show the amount to be paid. Proceed with payment by clicking on the make payment button.

 Step 12: Upon completing the payment, press the “Submit” button to finalize the application process. The applicant will then be provided with a receipt number for future reference.

After signing up for approval of the site, the application will be sent to the Site Appraisal Committee. Once the committee has checked and verified it, it will be forwarded to the state government for processing. Within 90 days of the application being received, the government will review the suggestions made by the Site Appraisal Committee and grant permission if they are satisfied. In some cases, the government may ask for further reports from the appraisal committee before making their decision.

The process of obtaining a license for a factory:

 Step 1: The candidate must follow a similar procedure to access the website and select the appropriate option (Form-2 for applying for factory registration and license).

 Step 2: If you want to obtain a license for your factory, select the option for the application form and complete it.

 Provide Factory Details

 Step 3: When you click on the license request, you will see a page showing the Factory Details form. Fill out the form with all the necessary information about your factory. Once you have completed the form, click on the “agree” button to move forward.

Bihar Factory License - Image 5 Bihar Factory License - Image 5
The fifth image shows the Bihar Factory License.

 Upload Documents

 Step 4: To proceed, you must attach the documents listed in the dropdown menu. Use the Upload New Document button to find and attach the files. The Document View list will display all attached documents. Once you have attached all necessary documents, select Continue.

 View Payment Details

 Step 5: Enter the required information in the Payment Details section and the amount to be paid will be computed and presented automatically. To proceed with payment, simply press the make payment button.

 Make Payment Online

 Step 6: Once payment has been made, the applicant should click on the “Submit” button to finalize the application process. After doing so, they will receive a receipt number for future reference.

After submitting an online application, the relevant authority will review and authenticate the details provided. Once the information is validated, the application will be sent for further scrutiny. If the inspection is successful, the Chief inspector will issue the factory license within two months of the initial application.

 Renewal of License

To renew an expired license, one must apply for renewal (using application form no-2) through the same registration process that was previously stated.

 Transfer of License

A person who has been granted a license can ask for approval to transfer their permit to another individual before it reaches the expiration date.

To transfer a license, you must submit an application to the Chief Inspector. Once approved, the transfer will be documented with the Chief Inspector’s signature and an endorsement stating the name of the new license holder. The fee for this application is one hundred rupees.

 The person to whom the license is so transferred can avail the same powers, and be subject to the same obligations under the license as the original holder.

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