Bihar Fire License

Bihar Fire License

Bihar Fire License

According to the rules and regulations stated in the Bihar Fire Services Act, an individual must have a Fire License or a No-Objection Certificate in order to receive clearance for their building plan from the Municipal Authority. The Bihar Fire Services Department is responsible for granting these licenses to ensure that the necessary fire safety measures are being implemented in buildings. This article will outline the steps and process involved in obtaining a Bihar fire license.

Bihar Fire Services Act 

Bihar Fire LicenseAs per the Bihar Fire Services Act, if anyone intends to erect a business or commercial structure over fifteen meters tall, they must seek a fire no objection certificate from the Chief Fire Officer in charge. The application form must be accepted before it is submitted, and the relevant construction plans must be sent to the Municipal Corporation, which is authorized under state law.

Reasons to acquire a fire license

If an individual is looking to acquire a fire license, they must meet the subsequent prerequisites:

  • A fire license is intended to demonstrate that a building can resist or is unlikely to experience any accidents related to fire.
  • In order to obtain a trade license or an occupation certificate from the municipal corporation in the state, it is mandatory for individuals to have a fire license.
  • Under the jurisdiction of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Bihar, businesses and trading projects are required to obtain a fire license in order to conduct their activities.

Different types of fire licenses are available for buildings.

To obtain a Fire License in Bihar, one must fulfill the requirements detailed under the categories listed below.

  • Education buildings.
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and sanatoria
  • Custodial institutions
  • Telephone exchange
  • Assembly buildings
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Business buildings
  • Mercantile buildings
  • Industrial buildings Low hazard
  • Industrial buildings Moderate risk
  • Industrial buildings High risk
  • Storage buildings High risk

Documents Required 

The documents listed below are necessary to be provided alongside the Bihar fire license application form.

Three sets of finished architectural designs, which include the following:

  • Key Plan
  • Location Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevation Plan
  • Fire Plan
  • A document confirming the authorized and sanctioned building design, on which a recommendation for construction was given, is required.
  • The manufacturer has submitted a report regarding the fire safety equipment which has been installed in the building.
  • A certificate or report must be issued by the installer to confirm that the fire safety equipment in the building has been installed correctly.

The process of obtaining a fire license in Bihar can be completed online.

In the state of Bihar, it is possible for candidates to submit an application for a fire No Objection Certificate through an online process. The necessary steps to complete the online application are detailed below.

Visit the Official Portal 

 Step 1:  Visit the  official portal The Bihar Fire Services Department has been granted approval via a streamlined process known as the Single Window Clearance System.

Bihar Fire License - Image 1 Bihar Fire License - Image 1

Bihar Fire License – Image 1

 Provide Login Details 

 Step 2:  Select the ‘Login’ option that is clearly visible on the portal’s main page.

Bihar Fire License- Image 2 (2) Bihar Fire License- Image 2 (2)

Bihar Fire License- Image 2 (2)

 Step 3:  If there is already a registered user, the login screen will be displayed and the applicant can access it by entering their user ID and password.

 New User Registration 

 Step 4:  If you are a newcomer, then select the “Register Now” button to sign up for the state portal.

 User Registration Form 

 Step 5:  Once you click on the new user registration form, it will appear on the same screen that you are currently using. Provide all the required information, including necessary details.

  • Applicant name
  • Email id
  • Password
  • Mobile number

Once you have filled out all the necessary information, you should then select the “Register” button.

 Step 6:  After registering your mobile number, you will receive a One-Time Password (OTP). In order to continue, please input the OTP provided.

 Login into State Portal 

 Step 7:  The candidate will be directed to the main page and must select the “Login” section.

 Provide Login Details 

 Step 8:  Provide the login information, including the username and password, as well as the captcha code, and press the “Login” button.

 Step 9:  Once the applicant has logged in, a page will appear and they need to begin the first stage of SIPB approval by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

 Fill Common Application Form 

 Step 10:  The applicant is required to complete the Common Application Form (CAF) by providing essential information such as Enterprise Profile, Stakeholders Detail, Unit Profile, and Employment detail, as demonstrated in the provided screenshots.

Bihar Fire License- Image 4 Bihar Fire License- Image 4
Bihar Fire License- Image 4

 Step 11:  The person applying can enter all the required information individually by selecting the “menu” option on the designated left-hand side and subsequently pressing the “Continue” button.

 Unit Profile 

 Step 12:  The candidate needs to select “Unit Profile” and choose the option “new” for the unit status. They will be required to submit information regarding the unit such as the name, main activity, sector, sub-sector, operation nature, total days of operation, operational hours, ownership type, industrial estate name, building hours, survey number, and holding number. After submitting the information, the candidate must click on the “Continue” button.

Bihar Fire License- Image 5 Bihar Fire License- Image 5
Bihar Fire License- Image 5

 Employment Details 

 Step 13:  Proceed to input your employment information by selecting the “Employment” tab, inputting details such as Management staff number, supervisor, skilled workers, unskilled workers, proposed contract employment details, then click on the “Continue” button.

Bihar Fire License- Image 7 Bihar Fire License- Image 7
Bihar Fire License- Image 7

Details about products and the materials used to create them.

 Step 14:  Enter the necessary information about the products and their raw materials, including details on the products themselves, any by-products (valued in INR lakhs), the raw materials used (also measured in INR lakhs), and the processing substances employed in the manufacturing process (also measured in INR lakhs). Once this information has been provided, click the “Add” button.

Bihar Fire License- Image 8 Bihar Fire License- Image 8
Bihar Fire License- Image 8

 Step 15:  Click the “continue” button to proceed and provide information about investments, including site development (in Indian rupees in lakhs) and plant and machinery or equipment (in Indian rupees in lakhs). Once you have entered the investment details, click on the “continue” button to proceed.

Bihar Fire License- Image 9 Bihar Fire License- Image 9
Bihar Fire License- Image 9

 Finance and Timeline Details 

 Step 16:  Enter the information regarding the financing method (in Indian rupees or lakhs) and predicted deadlines, then proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.

Bihar Fire License- Image 10 Bihar Fire License- Image 10
Bihar Fire License- Image 10

 Upload the Details 

 Step 17:  Once all the information is provided, the candidate may upload the necessary documents as demonstrated below and subsequently press the “continue” button located at the bottom to advance to the subsequent steps.

Bihar Fire License- Image 12 Bihar Fire License- Image 12
Bihar Fire License- Image 12

Aadhar Verification 

 Step 18:  Once all the necessary information has been entered and a significant document has been uploaded, the individual applying may review and send the CAF (Common Application Form) provided that Aadhar Verification has been completed, as depicted in the following manner.

Bihar Fire License- Image 13 Bihar Fire License- Image 13
Bihar Fire License- Image 13

Make Payment 

 Step 19:  Once you have completed the Aadhar verification process, proceed to the “Make Payment” option to finalize your submission.

Bihar Fire License- Image 14 Bihar Fire License- Image 14
Bihar Fire License- Image 14

Proceed for Payment 

 Step 20:  Upon selecting the Make Payment option, the applicant will be directed to the Payment Page where they can provide the necessary information and continue with the payment process.

Receive Acknowledgment 

 Step 21:  Once the payment has been made successfully, a confirmation will be received. To continue, click on the OK button as displayed below.

Bihar Fire License- Image 15 Bihar Fire License- Image 15
Bihar Fire License- Image 15

Tracking Application Status 

 Step 22:  Candidates have the option to access their dashboard and monitor the progress of their application, whether it is still being reviewed or has already been authorized.

Bihar Fire License- Image 19 Bihar Fire License- Image 19
Bihar Fire License- Image 19

 Step 23:  Once the CAF has been approved, the applicant is able to request a NoC for Fire Safety. To do this, they need to access the Dashboard and select the Pre-Establishment tab from the top menu. From here, they can click on the corresponding service’s Apply tab to submit their request.

Review Application 

 Step 24:  The upcoming form to apply for a NOC for fire safety will be presented. Complete the form, attach a crucial document, and double-check it before submitting it ultimately.

Receive Message 

 Step 25:  To submit your application, click on the review and submit button. Upon completion, a message will appear stating that your application has been saved successfully.

Keeping track of the progress of the application for the NOC (No Objection Certificate) required for ensuring fire safety.

 Step 26:  To view the status of an application, go to the Dashboard and select the appropriate option. The status can be seen as either “In Progress”, “Query if any”, or “Approved”.

Query Submission 

 Step 27:  After submitting a query, the applicant must review their information and submit an additional application for progress to be made.


 Step 28:  Once the inquiry is submitted as requested, the applicant is given authorization. Once authorized, the applicant can monitor their status via the dashboard shown here, and they have the ability to view and save a certificate as demonstrated below.

Issuance of Fire License 

  • The State fire officer gets an application and the necessary files. They then send it to the appropriate fire officer for review at the next stage.
  • The fire officer in charge will examine the application and paperwork submitted by the State Fire Officer and may ask any questions, if necessary.
  • Once the applicant’s question has been addressed, the relevant fire inspector will perform an examination of the location.
  • The Fire Officer in question will create a report of their inspection, which will involve comparing the submitted Site plan with the actual conditions at the site itself.
  • The responsible fire official will send their suggestion to the State Fire Officer (main representative) for the ultimate endorsement.
  • The Nodal Officer will give the last approval and publish (upload) the Fire Safety Advice to the relevant applicant.
  • The State Fire Officer’s advisory can be accessed and saved by the candidate through their dashboard.

Processing Time 

The applicant will receive approval for their fire license request within fifteen days of submitting their application.

Renewal of Fire License 

The permission to have a fire, or the certification that there is no objection to having one, is only valid for one year from the date it is issued. To continue to use it, it must be renewed before it runs out. To renew the certification, one must fill out an application form on the Fire services department portal. The ability to grant the license is held by the Licensing Authority or a person authorized by the State Government.


Those who break the rules set forth in this Act will face consequences in the form of either serving a six-month sentence, paying a fine that exceeds 50,000 rupees, or both.

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