Bihar Land Possession Certificate

Bihar Land Possession Certificate

The possession certificate serves as evidence that the buyer has taken possession of the property on a certain date as agreed upon by both parties. It is an essential document that not only certifies the purchase of the property, but also serves as proof of ownership in legal disputes. sale deed. The certificate of land ownership is also utilized to register the property/land in official taxation records so as to acquire a loan. The certificate of possession is a vital legal document pertaining to all those who possess a property or land. In this article, we present a comprehensive guide on the process of obtaining a Bihar land possession certificate.

Advantages of Bihar Land Possession Certificate- 

The significance of acquiring the Bihar land ownership certificate will be elaborated on in the paragraphs that follow.

  • In order to buy or sell agricultural land frequently or infrequently, it is necessary to provide these documents.
  • In order to secure a loan for any type of property, a possession certificate is required by law.
  • By possessing this certificate of ownership, the owner is protected against deceitful activities such as fraudulent claims and misuse of their property.
  • The certificate of ownership serves as a safeguard for the proprietor against potential legal disputes.
  • In case of  property tax In case payment has not been made, it is necessary to present a Possession Certificate to the relevant officer in order to update the land tax records.

Eligibility Criteria

The certificate of ownership for the land will only be given if there are no disagreements about who owns it, and if the land in question is not owned by the Bihar Government or assigned to the Government.

Documents Required

To acquire a certificate of land ownership, you will need to provide the documents specified below:

  • A copy of the sale deed agreement that has been officially registered.
  • Copy of application form
  • Ration Card
  • Income Certificate
  • A copy of the applicant's proof of identity and signature is required.
  • Encumbrance certificate (form 15) copy
  • Passport size photograph

Applicable Fee

The processing of the Land Possession Certificate (LPC) service is free of charge, however, the user is still required to pay a service fee to the appropriate office.



 Service Charge 


A certificate verifying land ownership for citizens who fall under the category of APL. Rs.10
2. A certificate of land ownership for citizens belonging to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.

The certificate indicating ownership of land in Bihar can be obtained within a period of 10-15 days subsequent to applying for it.

Concerned Authority

The people of Bihar can apply for land ownership documents by filling out application forms at either the Anchaladhikari office or the Right to Public Service office in the region.

The process for obtaining a certificate of possession will be explained in this article.

To obtain a land possession certificate in Bihar, it is necessary to adhere to the procedures outlined below.

 Step 1:  Individuals must go to either their local Anchaladhikari office or Right to Public Service (RTPS) office in order to obtain a form to apply for their land possession certificate.

 Note:  You can obtain the application form for the land possession certificate by downloading it from the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms, which is run by the government of Bihar.

Below is the PDF version of the land ownership certification application form for quick and easy reference.

 Page  1  /  1 

 Step 2:  Complete the application form by providing all the required information.

 Step 3:  Please provide the aforementioned documents and then proceed to submit the application form to the appropriate office.

 Step 4:  Once the application has been confirmed, an acknowledgement receipt containing the application number will be provided. This number can be used at a later time to check the status of the application.

Check Status of Application

To monitor the usage of land ownership documents through the Bihar RTPS Portal, the steps outlined below must be followed:

 Step 1:  To access Bihar RTPS services, the applicant is required to visit the designated website.

 Step 2:  To find out his application status, the candidate must select the 'Application Status' button.

 Step 3:  By selecting "Application Status," the applicant can choose the preferred option to find out the status of their application.

 Bihar-Land-Possession-Certificate-Status  Bihar-Land-Possession-Certificate-Status

 Step 4:  By clicking on the 'Know Your Status' link, the applicant can access a new webpage where they must input their application number. After inputting the number, the status of their application will be shown on the screen.

 Step 5:  There is another method for confirming one's status. This approach involves composing a text message using the prescribed format and delivering it to the number 56677.

RTPS <Application ID>

In order to obtain your domicile certificate, you need to visit the official website and select the "Certificate Web copy" option. Input your personal application number and choose the "print" option to access and print your Land possession certificate directly from the website.

Download-Certificate-Bihar-Land-Possession-Certificate Download-Certificate-Bihar-Land-Possession-Certificate
Obtain your Bihar Land Possession Certificate by downloading it.

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