Bihar Legal Heir Certificate

Bihar Legal Heir Certificate


Bihar legal heir certificate

The legal heir certificate is an official document provided by the government to the relatives of a deceased family member. This certificate is given to the family heir to access different benefits offered by the government. This article will provide a thorough explanation of the process for obtaining the Bihar legal heir certificate.

Need for the Document

The issuance of a legal heir certificate is crucial in determining the rightful heir of a deceased family member. In situations where there are several potential heirs, conflicts may occur, making it necessary to establish the appropriate heir through this certificate. Similarly, if the deceased person was a government employee, the certificate is crucial in claiming their pension. In cases involving multiple heirs, all legal heirs must supply a deed of Conveyance. The certificate remains valid indefinitely once obtained.

Benefits of the Document

The mentioned certificate has various applications, including:

  • In order to obtain benefits such as a family pension, a provident fund, and gratitude, one must meet certain requirements and follow specific procedures.
  • To claim insurance of the deceased.
  • To receive belongings that were passed down after someone’s death.
  • The government offers additional financial assistance.

Required Information

The information that must be acquired about a person who has passed away is provided below.

  • The name of the deceased.
  • Details of the Family Members.
  • Date of application.
  • Residential address.
  • Applicant’s signature.

A legal heir certificate can be applied for by the family members listed below:

  • Wife of the deceased.
  • The child of the deceased.
  • Father or mother of the deceased.
  • Sibling of the deceased.

Required Documents

The documents listed below are necessary and must be submitted to obtain the certificate:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Death certificate
  • Identity Card
  • Ration card
  • Aadhaar Card

Application Procedure

Presented here are the measures that must be taken in order to request the certificate.

Begin by heading to the Taluk Office.

To obtain the certificate, the individual must visit either the Taluk or Tahasildar office located closest to them. Another option for application is to get in touch with the District Civil Court within the vicinity.

Step number 2 involves the process of obtaining the application.

The individual who wishes to apply is required to acquire the application document from the appropriate authority.

 Step 3: Enter the Details 

Next, the individual needs to input the required information into the application document.

 Step 4: Attach the Documents 

The candidate is required to include all necessary papers with the application form.

Step number 5 involves handing in or presenting the application.

The individual who is applying must present the completed application form to the relevant authorized person.

 Step 6: Verification Process 

After submitting the application, it will be verified by both the local revenue officers and the village administrative officials.

The seventh step involves the issuance of the certificate.

When all of the necessary steps have been taken, the individual receives their certificate.

Fee Structure

The application needs to have a court stamp worth Rs. 2 attached to it.

Processing Time

It takes 30 days to process the certificate.

Contact Details

For further queries, the applicant may contact the nearest Taluk / Thasildhar Office or a District Civil Court of an area. 

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